COVID-19 resulted in millions of people losing their jobs, and even worse, their family members. With no paycheck coming every two weeks, many people found themselves financially insecure. No one could have predicted such a terrible and world-changing event. However, this horrific pandemic presents an opportunity that we can and should learn from. The lesson? Good times don't last forever. So what do we do? Take control over our financial well-being so that we are prepared for the unexpected. A significant portion of this journal is devoted to setting an effective personal budget so we can save more money to invest in assets. The more assets we own, the better prepared we are to weather a storm.

The pandemic also made work from home the new norm. People are spending more time alone and having fewer human interactions than ever before. Isolation takes a toll on our mental psyche. Yes, even you introverts (myself included). It's more important than ever to be intentional about our thoughts and self-talk. The easiest scientifically proven habit to keep our mental heads above water? Develop the habit of gratitude every day.

THE MISSION of The Compound Journal is simple. Set aside a few minutes each morning and evening to give our mental health, wallets, and goals the attention they deserve. By cultivating the positive daily habits of gratitude, budgeting, and goal-setting, we set ourselves up for a life of success and happiness. Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement. The small actions we take each day matter. Use The Compound Journal to create a successful and well-rounded life.

The pandemic brought the issues of mental health and personal finance to the forefront of our lives. Let's make the most of it!

 - Jake Butterfield, Creator of The Compound Journal